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Warranty and defects
Warranty Term

All new products carry the manufacter warranty support. Usually this is 12 months. We will always send the product back to the manufacturer when the product is in it's warranty period. All refurbished/pre-owned products carry a 3 month warranty.

Software (embedded or stand alone) is subject to the terms of the manufacturer in question and the relevant provisions of these terms and conditions. Customer will agree to the terms of the supplier in question. These terms are available for inspection by the customer at Network Hardware Trading and the latter will send them to the customer on request. If and insofar as the aforementioned terms of a manufacturer are for whatever reason deemed or declared to be inapplicable in the relationship between Network Hardware Trading and the customer, the customer will obtain a non-exclusive, non-transferrable license to use the software in question but will not be allowed to make any copies thereof, save where the Dutch Copyright Act expressly permits this. 

RMA Procedure

RMA Procedure for Broken Products

  1. As soon as you discovered the failure, report the broken parts to your account manager, or the office manager if the account manager is not present.
  2. Send an email to to request the RMA Request Form for Broken Products
  3. Fill out and sign the RMA Request Form for Broken Products and fax or mail it to your account manager or with as much information on the failure as possible.
  4. The account manager will study the RMA Request Form together with our technical staff.
  5. You will be sent an RMA number by your account manager. The RMA number is valid for 7 working days. Please pack the broken part properly and use clear labeling showing the RMA number on the outer packaging.
  6. Provide us with the following information:
    1. Package size and weight
    2. Contact name
    3. Contact telephone number
    4. Address for collection
    5. Preferred time for collection

We will contact our forwarding agent and make sure the package will be collected.

  1. In parallel your account manager will organize an advanced replacement. For this purpose a new Sales Order will be generated and the replacement parts will be forwarded to you in the usual way (usually within 3 working days). You will be sent an additional dispatch note and invoice which will both refer to your original Purchase Order. As soon as Network Hardware Trading has received the broken parts and verified the failure with the information on your RMA Request Form, you will be credited for the first Invoice through a Credit Note.

Important to know: Any goods returned to Network Hardware Trading without valid RMA number will most likely not be accepted by our warehouse staff.


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